Founded in July 1997 due to the need for a Genuine Wholesale Seafreight Consolidator.

Our organisation is strong, financially secure and stable.

Regular worldwide destinations place Globelink above all competitors.

We believe that understanding your business is our business.

Actively improving services to enhance our market and client specific needs.

Reliable rates build long term relationships.

Dedicated staff and superior global offices ensure Total International Logistics Solutions.

Exceed expectations, by doing the best that is physically possible.

Recognised results by the international community proves we are the leaders.

Successful strategies are the key to the future, which is measured by our clients loyalty.


Confidence is believing in what we are, who we are, and how we do it.

How we successfully handle challenges is what makes us unique.

Outstanding energetic performances have led to our unity and continued growth. 

Insisting on integrity and honesty in all aspects of business.

Continued commitment in offering our service to the industry is our promise.

Excellence is our destiny.  

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